TRAVERSE -Pricing based on $500 limit, available up to $5000


A New Kind of Insurance

Traverse follows you wherever you go.  Powered by Travelers insurance, it is designed help you asap from accidental phone drops ( including water drops!), lost laptops, stolen jewelry, skateboard, skis and golf clubs, and unplanned vacation mishaps, and thing that directly affect you - like identity fraud and lawsuits.


Pricing based on $500 limit of coverage which increases in $500 increments, up to $5000

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Cell Phones - $4.75, monthly for $500 limit

Personal Electronics - $2.00, monthly for a $500 limit

Includes laptops, Computers, Tablets, Wearable Technology, Gaming Systems, Televisions, Bluetooth speakers, Portable Music Playing Devices.

Musical Instruments - $0.15, monthly for a $500 limit

Guitars - Musical keyboards, Drum Set, Trumpet, Violin, Musical Accessories

Cameras & Equipment - $0.50, monthly for a $500 limit

Cameras - Video Cameras - Lenses - Tri-pods


Sporting Equipment - $0.88, monthly for a $500 limit

Bicycles - Skateboards - Skis & Snowboards - Golf Clubs - Hockey Equipment- Kayak/Canoes 

Jewelry - $0.88, monthly for a $500 limit

Rings - Necklaces - Earrings - Bracelets

Handbags - $1.50, monthly for a $500 limit

Handbags - Purses - Bags - Backpacks

Renters Liability - $2.95, protection up to $100,000

$100,000 Protection for bodily harm to others or damage that you caused to someone else's property for which you are legally responsible. If you are sued and the claim is covered, our liability coverage will help pay for lawyer fees and other legal expenses. For example: Brad trips over your drum set, falls at your apartment and then wants the sue you.

ID Fraud - $1.75, up to $25,000 covered expenses

$25,000 worth of covered expenses. When someone steals your personal information.

Experiences - $5.35, $200 per night, $600 max.

Get coverage when your airline has cancellations or when your home sharing accommodation does not live up to expectations.